Protect all your assets for free.

Minimize Your Documents

For every asset you want to protect, simply complete our add wizard process and complete the details about that particular asset.

Free to use

We're all about providing a service to help our community and provide our app for free, to keep our community safe from theft.

Secure system

Our app is protected using secure protocols and processes in place, to ensure your data is safe. We also use HTTPS encryption, to encrypt data sent between our site and your computer.

Access your asset information anywhere

All your assets are protected by being backed up to the cloud. You can also download up-to-date reports of your tools to keep an offline backup.

Automated Reporting

In the unlikely event some of your assets are stolen, you can easily send an automated report to your insurance provider and the authorities.

Easy to use

It's very simple to add assets on our app. Once your assets are added, you can always modify any changes to assets in the future. Simply set and forget!

Why EasyAssetProtect?

If you have valuable items, which may also be insured, EasyAssetProtect changes the game in the process around protection of your assets. If your assets are stolen, instead of having to recall important information about your items, all you have to do is click one button, to instantly send an insurance report to your insurance provider and the authorities. 

Important information, like the asset’s serial number, value of the asset and images of the asset are all provided in the report to the authorities. You can even customise who to send the report to, if you ever need to send a report of stolen items. Once a report is sent, you will easily be able to identify these items, with the built-in status notification system. You will then be able to know which items have been reported and which items aren’t stolen. 

If you do find your assets, you can easily cancel the report and this will remove the reported status of the item on your dashboard. 

Our app is designed to help prevent theft and make it easy to report to your insurance provider, if you ever experience a scenario like stolen items.

Infinite asset categories with EasyAssetProtect.

With EasyAssetProtect, you can add different collection types depending on the category of your assets. This provides you with an infinite amount of categories where you’re not limited to only a particular category of assets. Instead, you can add category types for; cars, guitars, keyboards, server equipment, tools and so many more!

The collection manager is where you can specify your category type. Once you add a collection type, you can use this new collection to link new assets. 

View all your assets with the asset manager. Easily see which assets have been reported and controls to edit/delete your assets.

The dashboard provides you with access to all EasyAssetProtect services. You can also view the total amount of assets, collections and reported items easily from here.

This is where you can specify your insurer information for EasyAssetProtect to send the automated asset reports. You’ll also receive a copy of the report when it’s sent. 

Lookup items from pawn shops and second-hand markets instantly.

With our asset verification lookup, you can verify serial numbers from second-hand market places and ensure they aren’t stolen before purchasing.

Protect your assets now with EasyAssetProtect.

Start adding all your assets now and keep track of all your property.